Timboon falls in line with state fees and charges

From next month, Timboon and District Healthcare Service will fall in line with statewide fees and charges that have been in place for over a decade in many towns.

Chief executive officer Gerry Sheehan said the State Government introduced legislation in 2005 to roll out fair and equitable fees and charges right across Victoria. He said the policy was designed to fairly collect fees from clients in order to continually grow public health care services and meet changing community expectations.

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Dairy Life | Part 3: A changing diet, vaccines & disbudding

Welcome to the third installment in our Dairy Life series, which follows the life of one of our dairy heifer calves, right through to her becoming a working milker.

This Dairy Life series aims to help our customers, and other people who aren’t farmers, better understand the intricacies of environmentally sustainable dairy production. It is a way of life that we love, but it’s also a highly demanding job that requires a good education, lots of training, extensive experience and the ability to understand and apply complex aspects of animal and agricultural science. Continue reading