Google Home Available Now

Gee Bees Media has been fielding a few enquiries about Google’s new product Google Home, which has finally hit the Australian market.

Google often leads the pack when it comes to innovation and the release of Google Home is no different. Google Home is powered by Google Assistant. You can ask it questions that you might normally type into the Google Search engine and you can also ask it to check your Gmail calendar and emails using simple voice commands. You just start by saying ‘ok Google’ to get answers from Google. Continue reading

NBN is now live in Camperdown

Residents in Camperdown can now get connected to fast internet via the National Broadband Network (NBN).

Outlying areas around Camperdown have been able to access the NBN using satellite and fixed wireless technology for some time. Now township residents can now also get connected to the broadband network, using Fibre to the Node (FTTN) technology.

With Fibre to the Node, fibre optic cables deliver superfast internet to green boxes in streets around the town, which are called nodes. The existing copper line network delivers the service to the home or business. Continue reading

Wireless point to point installations

This week we set up another Wireless Point to Point bridge (Ethernet link) for a local dairy farmer. I thought it was a good opportunity to share some information about this service that we provide.

In this example, the client has satellite NBN terminated to their house, but also requires internet access at their rotary dairy. Dairies these days are very sophisticated, and technology is used for a variety of things including: herd management, automation, cleaning, hygiene and more.

Gee-Bees-Media-Wireless-Installations_Staff Continue reading

Google Docs Scam

A scam that impersonates a Google Docs request has swept the internet recently. You’ve all heard “think before you click” a million times, but it really could save you from a whole lot of problems. If you get a Google Doc link in your inbox, examine it carefully before you click on it—even if it looks like it comes from someone you know and trust.

Similar Google Docs scams have been circulating for several years, but that doesn’t make them any easier to spot because they always seem so genuine. Continue reading

Gee Bees Media embarks on exciting new chapter

Gee Bees Media is the proud new owner of Camperdown’s computer and phone store and is looking forward to helping the Corangamite community access and embrace new technologies.

After 35 years, Rob Van den Eynde will close the doors of Tower Computer Aid on Saturday, November 26. It will reopen on Monday, November 28 as Gee Bees Media.

Gee Bees Media Pty Ltd

Managing Director Glen Bernoth and Operations Manager Sara Napier will commence trading on Monday, November 28.

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