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TCA-Online was established by Rob Van den  Eynde as an independent rural wireless internet service to provide an alternative internet connection for clients who were otherwise limited to dialup internet.

Gee Bees Media continues to manage this internet service, maintaining nine access points throughout the Camperdown area, that provide wireless internet access to hundreds of clients.

Each access point or base station relies on a pair of Mikrotik routers from DuxTel to connect to a core Mikrotik router at the heart of the network while another pair of routers link to the Internet backhaul feed: a series of microwave hops to Melbourne 200 Km’s away.

Not only is TCA’s core network reliant upon Mikrotik hardware but many customers are being migrated to RouterBOARD CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) that is supplied with integrated antennas and pre-configured software from DuxTel’s Geelong headquarters.

In common with many regional and rural areas the long distances and limited infrastructure hamper the delivery of data over the copper wire network. Prior to TCA-Online many on the land resorted to expensive satellite systems for timely access to data essential to managing a modern agri-business. Indeed the geology of the fertile volcanic plain itself presents a unique challenge to the provision of even basic telephone services as the tough rocky terrain makes laying cable impossible in some areas.


TCA-Online Customers

Webmail Login: https://ironman.tca-online.net.au 

Account Login: http://buster.tca-online.net.au

Hotspot Login: http://login.tca-online.net.au (only works when connected to TCA-Online)

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