Clean out your Computer Day 12 February 2018

The second Monday in February is ‘Clean out your computer day’. I am not sure who made up this day, but it’s not a bad idea to tidy up your computer at least once a year.

If your computer is progressively running slower and slower, a clean-up may help.

How do you store your important files? On your desktop? In folders on your hard drive? Do you backup? Do you backup to an external drive or the cloud? Now is a great time to think about how you’re backing up those important documents and photos, and if you’re not – why not implement this as part of your efforts this Clean out your Computer Day.

Saving to the Cloud

You’ve probably heard of the cloud – but may not know much about it. Cloud computing is simply storing and accessing data over the internet instead of your computer’s hard disk drive. This means that you have a copy of your data stored away from your computer – providing a backup and greater redundancy. It also means accessing your data when away from home is easier. Some providers of this type of service include iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive.

Organise your Files

There is no one right way to organise your files. What is logical to you, may not necessarily be logical to the next person. Making use of folders can make it a lot easier to find what you’re looking for.

Uninstall unused programs

Do you have programs on your computer that you’re not using anymore? Uninstalling these unused programs can clear up some space on your computer’s hard drive and improve machine performance. Always make sure to use the uninstall function rather than just deleting files.


Check your browser bookmarks. Delete any out-of-date ones. Not using bookmarks? They’re a great way to visit your regular websites, and you can save and sync them to your iCloud or Google accounts so you can use them across devices.

Physically cleaning your computer

While an electronic clean-up of your device is a good idea, giving your computer a physical clean is also a good idea.

If your computer has fans it’s a good idea to turn your computer off and clean those fans, as the dust bbuild-upcan cause the computer to run hot. If you’re unsure about opening up your computer’s case and cleaning, it’s best to skip that step and leave it to a professional.

Need help with cleaning up your computer, or implementing cloud backups? Give one of our friendly staff a call on 5593 2489.

Printer cartridges diverted from landfill

Our team at Gee Bees Media would like to congratulate our customers and the broader community for their ongoing commitment and effort to divert printer cartridges from landfill.

In the last three months (1/10/2017-31/12/2017), we collected 22.04kg of used cartridges for Close the Loop & Cartridges 4 Planet Ark.

Every time we fill a collection bin at Gee Bees Media, our telecommunications manager Michael Pender packs it and ships it to the recycling centre.

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Jarrod Owen announced as new Partner

The new year will mark a significant milestone for Colac’s Jarrod Owen, who will officially become a Partner with financial advisers Fennell West on January 1.

Directors Ryan Fennell and Shane West announced the news today and said the decision reflected Jarrod’s value to the firm and its clients.

“Jarrod has been working with us since March and Shane and I are really excited that he will now be a partner and help continue to drive our growth and development,” Ryan said.

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Business excellence recognised

A few short years and a lot of hard work has led to Fennell West being recognised for business excellence at a recent awards ceremony in Melbourne.

Directors Shane West and Ryan Fennell were presented with Garvan Financial Planning’s 2017 Business Excellence Award on Thursday.

Not yet three years old, Fennell West has grown from two employees to a team of 12 and Ryan said that growth had contributed to the award success.

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